Dr. Kyle Miura DAOM, LAc, DiplOM

Dr. Kyle Miura represents a class of healer that is all too rare in this world.  His expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has been of deep support to me and my family.  He has treated my sons, my father and me.  His recommendations have always brought us healing and helped us get back to health.  Most notably, my 87 year old father, retired physician, was recently discharged from the hospital on hospice.  He was unable to even move from the bed to a chair, on oxygen and had heart issues, failing kidneys and a tumor in his bladder.  Dr. Kyle's deep compassion and recommendations brought my father back from the brink of this health crisis.  He is now able to walk again, no longer on oxygen and his labs show that his kidneys are no longer failing and all other measures have improved!  We couldn't be more grateful.  With his associate, Jonathan Pang,RN, they and their team at Miura Integrative Health, they form an amazing team of compassionate, gifted, feeling and caring healers that I will always feel blessed to have even crossed their paths.  Thank you, Dr. Kyle!  Thank you, Jon!  We are all so lucky to have your healing energies in our lives and  times of need!

Madeleine Gomez, Ph.D., CEO

PsycHealth, Ltd

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"I settled on Dr. Kyle Miura for treatment for pain relief after trying a number of local health practitioners to no avail. Dr. Miura is able to work the pressure points to relieve pain and boost energy in amazing ways. Miura Integrative Health clinic is pleasant, hygienic, and provides a relaxing atmosphere."


                                             -Grace Tam Esq. (retired)

                                              Deputy Counsel, Alameda County CA

"Dr. Kyle Miura is one of the best doctors I know; skillful and compassionate with the best intentions."


   -Dr. Tina Chen LAc.

      Master Herbalist

     Co-Author "Chinese Medical Herbology & Pharmacology

"Dr. Kyle Miura has been my acupuncturist for the last 10 plus years.  I find him very knowledgeable about Chinese Medicine. He is very thoughtful and keenly interested in my physical and psychological well-being. Being that I am a clinical psychologist, I am interested in learning about healing from a different perspective than what I know in Western medicine.  Both my mind and body have greatly benefited, and are balanced energetically and healthier from Dr. Miura's  treatments and by taking herbs recommended by him."


David Kallinger, PhD

Clinical Psychologist



"It amazes me how quickly Dr. Miura finds problem areas and is able to affect change. He has a sense of the whole person and how one’s body is related to one’s personal life."


-Ryan Lesh, MD, Physician

"The healing that comes from Dr. Miura’s attentiveness, from reverence for the human body and the soul are an experience of God’s love."


-Sr. Maria Elena Martinez, OSF

 Franciscan Sister

"Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has had a tremendous impact in my overall health and well-being thanks to Dr. Miura.  Dr. Miura has helped me address many of my ailments using Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and helpful suggestions from his teachings.  Dr. Miura's warm demeanor allows you to relax as you discuss your specific needs and you feel a sense of sincere care.  I look forward to all of my Acupuncture sessions and I would highly recommend Dr. Miura to anyone."  


                                                             -Dr. Stephen Kato, DC

"I came to Dr. Miura after a back injury. After the first treatment, my back began to feel better and soon after, I was able to swing my legs back and forth, which I was not able to do because of the pain. The following two treatments were so effective that the pain disappeared."


-Kenneth Kim, MD, Physician

"Dr. Miura is an outstanding human being - a healing practitioner, sincerely devoted to providing compassionate care to others. His open mindedness and listening skills, gives him the curiosity to think outside the box in order to understand reasons hidden to academia."


-Michael Hamliton, LAc, Acupuncturist, Qi Gong and Kung Fu Instructor, Registered Healer of Ba Xian Gong Temple (China)

"Dr. Miura is an exceptional acupuncture doctor and healer. His expertise and professional approach to

healing the whole body has helped me tremendously. I always look forward to seeing him."


                       -The Honorable Morris Beatus Esq. PhD

                         Judge, Superior Court of Alameda

"I have been receiving care from. Dr. Miura for over 10 years. Dr. Miura has helped improve my health, quality of life and general wellbeing. Dr. Miura and his staff are warm, caring, professional, and extremely knowledgeable: My care involves the integration of both traditional and modern medicine. Dr. Miura goes above and beyond in his care; from flexibility of appointments, beeing seen quickly in emergencies and including a phone consultation and overnight delivery of medicines across the country. Many family members, including my daughters and mother in-law have received treatment from Dr. Miura and we all agree, from the moment you walk into his office and are greeted by Jonathan Pang, RN, you are filled with warmth and wellbeing and know that you will be well taken care of."


                                                       -BarneyNietschmann, RN,BSN

                                                        ER Case Manager

                                                        Kaiser Permanente

"Patients are in good hands with Dr. Miura. He is a great friend and excellent practitioner. I have known and worked with him for many years, and will continue to do so for many years to come."

                                    -John Chen

                                     Ph.D, Pharm.D, O.M.D

Dr. Kyle Miura was born and raised in Hawaii.  I understand that the spirit of aloha (kindness, love), kōkua (helping and sharing with others), and humility are important values for him. As an acupuncturist and also professor at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, he demonstrates how much he cares about helping and sharing with others. 

As an acupuncturist, he has advanced degrees in oriental medicine, molecular biology, neuromuscular medicine, counseling psychology, and theology. All of this reflects how expansive, integrative, and highly qualified he is. Healing happens in a deeper way when it is integrative and involves acupuncture techniques, herbs, and a solid background of science and medicine. Healing goes even deeper when there is a level of caring and trust between client and doctor. Healing is deepest when it involves physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual levels - which is what Dr. Miura offers.

A few years ago I had a serious illness and couldnt work so was struggling financially. I saw Dr. Miura for acupuncture and his expertise, wisdom, and kindness facilitated my healing process. I was shocked when he gave me huge discounts for his treatments and herbs. I was so touched by his kindness and gentle spirit and realized that for Dr. Miura, acupuncture and sharing aloha is all part of his deep spiritual path.

-Kaleo Ching