Mitch Hall PhD, RYT


Dr. Hall is a Holistic Wellness Advisor with years of service dedicated to holistic healing. With warmth, empathy, creativity, and respect, he helps clients explore their wellness goals, lifestyles, relationships, values, needs, options, obstacles, and pathways to thriving. As appropriate, he integrates mindful breathing and movement practices, visualization, sound healing, and meditation into the counseling sessions.


Dr. Hall has a B.A. in Religion from Columbia University and an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Chicago.


In 2013, he was awarded a Ph.D. (h.c.) in Alternative Medicines for his work in Holistic Psychological Healing by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines in Kolkata.


Much of Dr. Hall’s writing has been, and continues to be, published in the field of Holistic Health. Some of his writings are posted on his website, <>.


A registered yoga teacher, he first practiced yoga over 40 years ago and has been trained in other spiritual and holistic traditions.


He sits on the Board of Directors of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education. In recent years, he has spoken at annual meetings of the American Psychological Association, at professional summit conferences on "National Leaders in Nonviolence and the Child," at the 12th International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma, and in the annual Season of Nonviolence series at San Francisco State University.


During his career, he has gained rich life experience as a wellness counselor for disadvantaged, traumatized, inner-city youth; a holistic wellness counselor for complex-care patients on public assistance; a Peace Corps volunteer teacher in  Togo, west Africa; a peace and environmental movement organizer in Europe with the Fellowship of Reconciliation; a professor, adviser to international students, academic program director, and academic dean in higher education; a French-English interpreter for African refugees; a writer, translator, and storyteller; and more. He is fluent in French and proficient in Spanish.


  • Wellness Counseling

  • Mentoring

  • Consulting

  • Yoga Instruction


Fees: $125-$150 / hour
          **$175-$200 / 90 minutes

*Need-based sliding scale considered

**1st session is 90 minutes

Mitch Hall PhD, RYT
Ph: (510)708-5296