Koki Kawanami LAc

"I have been most pleased with the service provided by Miura Integrative Health. They provide a friendly and warm atmosphere to bring comfort to those who are suffering with pain. I first met my acupuncturist, Koki Kawanami, at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College where he continues on the teaching staff. I have found Koki's practice with Miura Integrative Health to be very personable as well as very professional. He is thoroughly attentive to my individual and changing needs. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a healthier and happier solution that only an excellent acupuncture approach can bring."

                                                                   -Marlon Shanks PhD

                                                                    Professor Emeritus

                                                                    Performing Arts


"Koki Kawanami is one of the best and most dedicated practitioners of acupuncture that I have had the good fortunate of receiving greatly needed health care assistance from. As one of a select group of talented health care providers at Miura Integrative Health Clinic, both he and his associates provide an invaluable service."


-Dr. Nathan Strong

College of Alameda

"I have been a patient of Koki Kawanami for more than two years. Koki demonstrates skill and compassion through his acupuncture treatments. Treatments are gentle and effective. I would recommend Koki to anyone who needs acupuncture."

                                                         -Feizi Spencer

                                                          School Teacher

"Koki helped me with my insomnia, lower back pain, stiff shoulder -- he is skillful, knowledgeable and genuine.  Every time after I get a treatment from Koki, I feel so relaxed and relieved from a daily personal and work life tension.  I highly recommend Koki.  Berkeley resident and baby boomer."



Geriatric Care Manager