Who We Are


We are a growing network of independent medical and behavioral healthcare professionals who practice integrative and holistic approaches to promoting health and wellness.


Our Mission

We provide an integrative, culturally-sensitive, holistic and natural approach to healing; bringing in therapies that address the body, mind, and spirit.



Our Values

  1. Integrative and Holistic

     Utilizing the best of Eastern, Indigenous, and Western medical traditions with contemporary research to

     assess and treat each individual from a holistic perspective.


  2.  Natural and Organic

      Providing a natural, safe, and eco-conscious approach to intervention, medicinal herbs and products used               are certified pure, pesticide -free, and organic.


  3.  Compassionate and Client-Centered

      Offering culturally sensitive and compassionate client-centered care that respects the needs of each individual.


  4. Congruent

     We, the healthcare practitioners, strive to practice what we teach so we can be channels of peace and healing. 

     We bring decades of clinical experience, research, and teaching to our work.


  5. Education

     We believe that prevention is always the best route to a healthy and vibrant life, therefore we teach the  

     importance of lifestyle, exercise, and diet.